Amanecer Taco Shop

AMANECER means “sunrise” and can also describe when a group wakes up early to do something. We thought it was fitting for our breakfast tacos. When you wake up early to start your day, we’ll be there to serve you a fresh breakfast taco. 

In Texas, breakfast tacos are a way of life. Need to be somewhere early? Pick up breakfast tacos. Schedule a 9:00 AM meeting for your team? Better bring breakfast tacos for everyone. Looking for something to eat because you’ve been out all night? Breakfast tacos. All day. All night. 

Breakfast tacos are typically made with freshly-cooked flour tortillas, stuffed with a variety of breakfast fillings like eggs, meats, beans, and cheeses, and finally topped with fresh salsa. We believe in keeping things simple and delicious—using fresh and organic ingredients, cooking our own beans (never canned), and preparing the tacos fresh each morning. It's a lot of work, but that's Texas style!

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