Art Makers Outpost

The Art Makers Outpost is an environmentally conscious art makers-space for young artists and adults to create art by repurposing items in an imaginative way.  The Art Makers Outpost is housed at 609 South Boulevard in Evanston IL and is a multi purpose art space in Evanston IL. Art Makers Outpost provides a nurturing studio environment where our artists are encouraged to experiment & get creative with a variety of materials ready for reuse. Through demonstration, facilitation and artist consults, our artists learn new techniques and engage in fun guided projects and free form art making.  Our workshops and themed camps focus on various techniques and specific crafts.  75% or more of the materials provided are items that would otherwise be destined for landfills.  All items are sourced through the community and local businesses.   

609 South Blvd
Evanston IL 60202