Backline Business Consulting

You’re an artist or a creative person; pursuing your artistic passions to live the life you want. You’re curating an independent career for yourself instead of climbing a corporate ladder. Your goals include the freedom to manage your own time, craft your own path, and to have financial stability.  

But you don’t really enjoy - or aren’t skilled at - handling “the business stuff,” even though you know it all has to be done.

Operations need to be well managed so everything can succeed.

Backline can ease the pain of your process, engagement and financial operations. Let Backline be your collaborative partner to manage the business behind your creativity. 

We’ll work together to find the right balance between the heart and brain of your business. Backline can help you be good at business, no matter what you do, and be smart about money, no matter how much you have.

I have your back.

In live music, a backline is the amplification equipment, instruments, and on-stage needs of a band for a performance. Backline techs are responsible for setting up, maintaining, and keeping things running smoothly while the band is playing.

I am a backline for the business of your small business - plug into my expertise to amplify your potential for effective performance.