coLab Evanston

A coworking and collaboration space for independent professionals and digital entrepreneurs.

With 3,500 sq ft of open floor plan, coLab is a member-only community, driven by the need for collaboration and interpersonal interaction in a work-centered environment. coLab is ideal for individuals or teams who are tired of working from a home office or public, coffee-shop environment.

900 Chicago Avenue
Suite 104
Evanston, IL 60202

Officing at coLab Evanston has been a real pleasure. It's the only office we've ever had, and it's perfect. The people are smart and personable, the space is open and has a lot of natural light. The art is funky and novel. And when we've needed help, Miguel has been willing to work with us. Highly recommended if you need a workspace.

Katherine Gotsick
Submitted on: February 5, 2018
Executive Director,
The Main-Dempster Mile