Evanston Float Center

At Evanston Float Center, we understand the daily stresses of life. We all experience the aches and pains created from stress, school, sports, physical labor and work. We all experience the constant noise and distractions from the internet and cell phones. At Evanston Float Center, we want to provide a unique place for people to get away from the daily distractions, where your mind and body can truly relax, rest, and rejuvenate. Through the use of float and massage therapy, we believe one can get centered, improving the body's  health and natural healing capabilities.

My husband, Marlon, is a massage therapist, and was always taught that patients should take an Epsom salt bath after a massage session. Most people would not have the time or the resources to do this, so he thought it would be a great idea if we had a place of our own where after a massage, the patient could take an Epsom salt bath. About a week or so after telling me of this idea, a doctor Marlon worked for had overheard him talking about saunas and wet pools, and asked if he had heard of or tried sensory deprivation.  Marlon asked the doctor what that was and it was explained to him that it was 800 pounds of Epsom salts dissolved in ten inches of water. After researching what sensory deprivation was, we quickly made an appointment to try it out. It was the most amazing experience and we knew then, this was what we wanted to do.​

​We continued to do our research finding that there are several different types of float tanks. Our very first float was in the classic Samadhi tank, then we found the pods or eggshell tanks, and the cabin style. Marlon and I were thinking of our parents during this process, and the functionality of the tanks, and how they would be able to get in and out with ease.  We traveled all around to try the different types and found there are several different manufactures that have created their own unique version of either the cabins or the pods with very many different upgrades to the classic Samadhi tank. We decided that we really liked the cabin style tank which is about four feet wide, eight feet long and a ceiling of about eight feet tall with options for lights and music. Then we were finally on our way! ​​

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