French Kiss Cafe

Our Story

For so many years, French Kiss Café seemed only but a dream, yet our family remained hopeful, clinging on to our fire of passion, working as hard as we could until we finally made the dream a reality bringing the French Kiss Café to life in 2018.

Naira, the one whom the dream started with, has always had a passion for cooking and baking. She spends hours in the kitchen perfecting every recipe along with creating new ones to add to her collection. She doesn’t just create food to satisfy hunger, but by putting so much love into each piece, she hopes her food makes people feel something, perhaps even dream away with every bite they take.

Our Vision

Coming from French roots, it’s always been important for Naira to incorporate some of her French background into the food that she makes. She grew up watching her grandmother create French delicacies, therefore she bases so much of what she creates on those French traditions.

We hope that as you take a bite or sip of our dream come to life, that it may inspire you to cling to your dreams and chase it until it becomes your amazing reality.

517 Dempster St
Evanston, IL 60201