Grass Lake Capital, LLC



GRASS LAKE CAPITAL was formed in 2013 in direct response to the expanding need for private capital in the domestic homebuilding sector.  The Company was specifically created to partner with local operators for the singular purpose of providing efficient funding for their land ownership and improvement activities.  By building lasting relationships with high-quality homebuilders in select markets, the Company strives to be a reliable and durable source of land capital and preferred partner for growth.  With the availability of traditional bank financing for land still severely restricted for many homebuilders, the Company has organized dedicated capital for this purpose and has developed a proven funding program based on predictable terms and certain execution.


Distinct from a traditional lender or private equity investor, the Company benefits from a keen understanding of residential development and related financing expertise as gained through decades of direct experience in the homebuilding sector.  By adhering to careful partner selection and disciplined project underwriting, the Company effectively utilizes its experience as a principal investor and active owner to create scalable and successful partnerships.  By building lasting capital relationships with leading homebuilders driven by expert navigation and proven performance, the Company consistently positions itself as a capital partner of choice capable of delivering clear and consistent results. ‚Äč

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