Lawrence Wilburn

Lawrence Wilburn creates brands. 

Brands that excite. Brands that sell. Brands that make everything you do to build your business easier. 
Strategic Differentiation is our religion and the design of your brand is never creatively subjective.
Rather, it’s informed, the process is iterative, and you have buy-in at every step.

We’re location independent.

Knowledge, process and leadership is how a successful brand architecture is developed and today’s communications make working together virtually the same as living in your town—we go where our clients are and work with US and European brands. We'll work together in person when it makes sense.

Is Lawrence Wilburn a “guy” or an agency? 

Lawrence Wilburn is my brand consultancy. I am a brand architect, creative director, & marketing strategist that has led the creation of many successful brands. My approach extends beyond viewing brand creation as a design exercise, with advertising point-of-view for the all so important consumer narrative, and a customer activation focus.

As the leader, my role is form the relationship with you that makes it possible to develop—and ultimately deliver a scope of work that aligns with the goals that we set for the brand. Then I select from my go-to network of designers, illustrators, copywriters, and planners the very best team to bring the strategy to life as your powerhouse brand. 

I like to work with small entrepreneurial start-ups, but also enjoy working with large brands, private equity firms, and advertising & design agencies that are inspired to stand out in the marketplace.

—Lawrence Neisler

(847) 475 2960