Lucky Platter

Established in 1991.

We are honored to be recently named, "One of the Best Restaurants in Evanston," by Timeout Chicago (Nov. 2014).

Unique, Eclectic, Funkalicious Superfood - All have been used to describe our brand of Creative Comfort Food offered at Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner for the past 23 years. New owners came in this past year, updated the dining room and focused our hospitality. Response has been overwhelmingly positive from regulars to newbies alike (don't worry - the menu is the same!). 

Come in and try our Caribbean Pumpkin Soup (which has a very dedicated following), or for Dinner, our seasonal favorite - the "Yankee Pot Roast," where we offer a generous portion braised short ribs topped with our signature dark & savory gravy.
If people watching is your thing, come in for Saturday and Sunday Brunch - you may have to wait a few minutes, but we will make sure it is worth the wait!

(847) 869-4064
514 Main St
Evanston, IL 60202