Multilingual Connections

Once upon a time there was a linguistic anthropologist…

Not many business stories start like that, but this one does. Jill Bishop was always fascinated by language, and this love brought her to Spain, Argentina and Israel, where she studied Spanish language and culture, taught English to business professionals and researched the dialect of Spanish spoken by descendants of Sephardic Jews that were exiled from Spain in 1492.

While finishing her doctorate at UCLA, she was offered an opportunity to work as a corporate anthropologist back home in Chicago. From there, a few years overseeing language and culture programs for 130 Chipotle restaurants gave her new insight into ways of applying language in the workplace, and in 2005, Jill launched her company in her basement (anyone who launches a business in a garage obviously doesn’t live through Chicago winters!).

Though she initially focused on providing English and Spanish training for the workplace, clients soon started requesting professional translation services.Within a few years, Jill moved the company out of the basement and grew her team to support their expanding professional translationtranscription and interpreting services – now offered in over 75 languages.

A lot has changed since 2005, but the essence of what we do hasn’t. Whether we’re translating e-learning modules or cake decorating catalogs, transcribing wire taps or earnings calls, interpreting for legal proceedings or parent empowerment trainings…it’s all about helping organizations create or strengthen connections across language.

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