Oldani Entrepreneurial Law, P.C.

Why Oldani Entrepreneurial Law, P.C.?

Between your intentions and what you make real is the law, and you need trusted legal advice from a law firm that understands your business, intellectual property, this economy and entrepreneurialism. We are that law firm.

You are developing, monetizing, and scaling your ideas and assets.

We listen with a keen ear for discerning how your unique business generates its value, and we help you to identify, capture, and protect that value.

We have the legal tools to help you align your business with your intentions and the rules that govern your choices and actions.

We help you to structure, manage, and protect your business, relationships, transactions, and IP (intellectual property), as well as your owners, officers, managers, and directors.

We are here to help you use the laws as opportunities to shape your business and market. And, we are skilled at starting with you from wherever you are, whether that is pre-formation or years into your business.

We maintain a wholistic view of the entire life cycle of your business; from formation through sale, succession, or other transition, and explain the terrain and your options simply, in a way that you can understand. We help you to see the legal picture, prioritize, and plan.


At Oldani Entrepreneurial Law, P.C., we guide you through legal complexities with honest and genuine support. Here you will find non-judgmental advice, tenacious advocacy, and the confidence to make good, knowledgeable decisions.

We are here to empower you to do what you do best; to share your unique gifts and talents; to move through the legal landscape wisely and strategically; and to rightfully claim and protect what is yours. We are here to help you succeed.


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