Pink & Tan

Pink & Tan is an independent design store where the conception and intention of living beautifully everyday is the essence of everything we do. We source and bring to you the very best in well designed home essentials, meaningful décor, and unique furnishings. At the same time, we curate artworks that are meant to be loved and lived with (not just as an investment).

As an architect and interior designer who has lived and worked in San Francisco, NYC, Shanghai and now Evanston, I am passionate about making the spatial environment beautiful, functional and cozy. After eight years in Shanghai, the pandemic sparked an unexpected move across the world for me and my family. We lived without any of our personal belongings for a year in Evanston. This homecoming, repatriation, and settling in forced us to take an emotional inventory of the objects in their lives —learning that even everyday objects can and should have intrinsic meaning and value. At the same time, this experience also revealed what we can live without and inspired new ideas of the essentials that make a place a home. I hope to share these learnings by curating and sourcing the very best in all that you need to make your home.
If nothing else, the last few years shifted our attention to our home, the importance of family and community, and the tangible things to love and care for ourselves and the world.

604 Dempster St
Evanston, IL 60202