Meeting on a cold Chicago winter night, there was something that could not be ignored, a chemistry, alchemy.  From across the room our eyes met, we were in attendance at an artists talk on collaboration.  One could consider it love at first sight, artist crush — whatever, you get it. Justine’s West Coast vibe and Maggie’s Midwest sensibility created energy. That is when the wheels started spinning and the sleepless nights started. Chakras were aligned and they were off and running.  Little did they know that after one short year, Justine would be relocating to the Bay Area, and hence, Platform West had begun to incubate.  Justine would take the foundation of Platform and apply it, in true start-up style, to her garage space in the suburbs of San Francisco.

Platform is a foundation for the unconstrained creative vision of Justine Bianco and Maggie Meiners.  It is our studio with a small project space to exhibit BIG ideas. We are not a conventional gallery looking to make a buck, we are an exhibition space in which artists have creative license to get adventurous. We encourage collectors, enthusiasts and their people to assemble here, see art, talk about art, and share their thoughts generously.  We want to make the world a better place by providing a platform to connect with one another through art.

(773) 383-9197
904 Sherman Ave
Evanston, IL 60202