Synapse Pediatric Therapy

We are a private speech therapy practice with a clinic in Evanston, IL. Our team of compassionate Speech Language Pathologists (SLPs) are committed to helping the children and families they serve.

Most of our clients meet with their dedicated Speech Language Pathologist once or twice per week for 30-50 minutes. Depending on where you live, your child can meet with their SLP at our clinic in Evanston, in your home, at your child’s school, or online. All of these ways of connecting are effective and will offer your child the highest level of care.

To us, the relationship between the child and their SLP is the foundation for their success. When the child knows they are with an adult who cares about them, encourages them, and sees what makes them unique—the child will enjoy the session more, be more motivated to participate, and lean into challenges that help them grow. Additionally, it’s very important to us that parents are on the same page with their child’s process, and feel comfortable asking questions and raising any concerns.

The impact of parents and caregivers being involved in the child’s growth process is HUGE. That’s why we provide education and home practice activities to train anybody who plays a vital role in the child’s life to support them—parents, caregivers, and even siblings. It’s deeply fulfilling for us to empower families to regularly support their children’s speech and language development beyond their therapy sessions.

We know that we’ve done a good job when your child graduates and doesn’t need our services anymore! Nothing is more fulfilling than watching children flourish and achieve the goals set forth in the Plan of Care. Our SLPs are encouraging, reaffirm growth, and focus on creating lasting progress and confidence in your child.

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807 Chicago Ave
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