The Musical Offering

Who We Are

The Musical Offering is a musical home for beginners to bloom and for more experienced musicians to explore their craft. We are proud of our process-oriented teaching philosophy, professional and friendly faculty, investments in local schools, and partnerships with arts organizations equally committed to making music more accessible to all. In 2007, we won the Evanston Mayor’s Award for the Arts in recognition of our history as an arts incubator and the quality of our programming.

Our History

Founded by Kirsten Hedegaard and Rick Ferguson in 1999, the school has well over 140 students and eighteen faculty members. Students, from preschoolers to retirees, reflect Evanston’s racial, ethnic, and income diversity. The group and private class offerings continue to grow and are responsive to student requests. The MO offers scholarships for students who need financial assistance.

(847) 866-6260
743 Custer Ave
Evanston, IL 60202