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Position Health is the pressure ulcer prevention and treatment division of DM Systems, Inc. It was founded in 1979 by an orthopedic surgeon who wanted better heel pressure ulcer prevention for his surgical patients. Over the years, we’ve learned unequivocally that the best way to treat pressure ulcers is to avoid them. In order to accomplish this, we must avoid pressure. Our team of clinicians has developed an entire suite of solutions to do just that. With our flagship line of heel offloading boots, the Heelift, and our new innovative TurnAssist repositioning system, we can avoid pressure.

But prevention is about more than just products. It’s also about education. Protocols, policies, and prevention/treatment algorithms are all a part of how we can help lower prevalence.

The next generation of pressure ulcer prevention is here. And no matter what clinical setting you’re in, Position Health have the tools and the expertise to deliver it to patients and caregivers.

1316 Sherman Ave
Evanston, IL 60201