This Walgreen's is the nation's first net-zero energy retail store. Walgreens plans to generate electricity and reduce its energy usage in the store by more than 50 percent through several technologies including:

  • nearly 850 roof-top solar panels, generating enough energy to power 30 Illinois homes for a year;
  • two 35-foot-tall wind turbines, using Lake Michigan breezes to generate enough power to offset annual greenhouse gas emissions from 2.2 passenger vehicles;
  • geothermal energy obtained by drilling 550 feet into the ground below the store, where temperatures are more constant and can be tapped to heat or cool the store in winter and summer;
  • LED lighting and daylight harvesting;
  • carbon dioxide refrigerant for heating, cooling and refrigeration equipment;
  • and energy efficient building materials.
See more details: http://news.walgreens.com/press-releases/general-news/walgreens-debuts-nations-first-net-zero-energy...

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